We have several customized versions of our Quick Study Guides that have been delivered to several training centers throughout the world.


The Quick Study guide is a great way to review the entire cockpit just prior to final exam.  It is also very useful when you go back to the training center for your annual reccurent training as it is a great way to refresh your memory.

The Quick Study Guide is a book that reviews all the controls and indicators in the flight deck.  Each aircraft system control and indicator is reviewed in detail, including EICAS messages for glass cockpit aircraft.  The best way to visualize how the Quick Study Guide is organized is to imagine an aircraft manual without the text and only the graphics of the control panels.  But you can also view an example of the Boeing B737NG quick Guide here.

The Quick Study Guide is a booklet that measures 8.5 inches (21.6 cm) x 5.5 inches (14 cm)..  The thickness of the book varies with the aircraft.  In general, the bigger the aircraft, the thicker the book.


The bound version is bound using a comb binding.

The 7-hole punch version has 7-holes which allows the study guide to be placed in a Jeppesen size manual.

The image to the right shows the difference between the bound and 7-hole punch versions.


The Quick Study Guide contains the exact same information as the Lights & Switch Guide, except that the Lights & Switch Guide is in electronic format versus the Quick Study Guide which is printed.  In fact, the Quick Study Guide is created after the Lights & Switch Guide by exporting the content of the Lights & Switch Guide and formatting it to fit the booklet size.

One important difference is that you can modify the content of the Lights & Switch Guide since it is in electronic format.