Avsoft International is an experienced training solutions provider for the aviation industry. Using new generation technologies and standard off-the-shelf, Windows-based tools, Avsoft' proven development environment provides cost-effective CBT/WBT courseware development that delivers robust, multimedia rich training, that will meet your current and future training requirements.

All of our products, from our web based Learning Management System (LMS), Exam Generation System (EGS) to our Computer / Web Based Training products are designed using AICC and SCORM standards. Our deployed solutions have received approval for use by the FAA, CAA, CAAC, JAA, and Transport Canada.

Whether you're using CD ROM, USB drives, Local Area Network (LAN), or Internet in order to provide your distance training, Avsoft's flexible deployment method will provide you with the exact solution you need in order to achieve your training goals on budget and efficiently.

Avsoft's web based systems simulations and aircraft systems training solutions can be hosted on your own server or we can host them for you. We  also offer a courseware lease program where you can host the courseware on your own server, using your own LMS.  Either way, Avsoft can provide you with any service or product to help you make the best choice for your organization's operations and training.

Our database driven solutions give you the power to upload and distribute training using third party content, existing files or even files you commonly create using software tools such as: 

  • SCORM - AICC compliant courseware
  • PowerPoint
  • Flash - including movies and training videos
  • Graphics such as JPEG, TIFF and GIF
  • Prepared HTML Templates
  • Word, Excel, PDF's and so much more.

Avsoft is truly the best choice to make e-Learning, distributed learning and blended learning a reality within your training department. No other company offers a comparable LMS, EGS and CBT/WBT development expertise that matches the experience, flexibility and savings we offer.