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The Avsoft Learning Management System (AvLMS) is designed for Airline and ATO pilot training departments. Over the past decade, Avsoft’s Legacy LMS evolved, incorporating features and functions requested by our clients to meet their specific aviation training needs. AvLMS represents the next step forward, integrating all the specialization of Avsoft’s Legacy LMS, plus the ability to go way beyond the SCORM standard, all in simple yet advanced package easy to use for both administrators and end users.

 What does AvLMS offer your Airline or ATO?

  • Generate branded completion certificates for one course or a series of courses
  • Automated reports via email or messaging to tell you when a student hasn’t completed the training, or is approaching a due date and training not done
  • See how far along users are in their training
  • Automated reports via email or messaging when a user completes a module, course, or series of courses
  • Get notified when a user fails a module or course
  • Automated reports via email or messaging to tell a user when training is available
  • Deliver training based on due dates
  • Deliver remedial training
  • Deliver one time training for a group of users
  • Create and deliver final exams
  • Get insight into how users view courses
  • Visualize questions that are most often missed
  • Track every module test attempts
  • Convert power point presentations into eLearning courses
  • Deliver training through the cloud based LMS or the Portable Classroom
  • Customization and branding
  • Control User sign-in options
  • Upload files easily
  • PowerPoint style help files to easily guide you through the smallest of tasks
  • Visualize LMS performance
  • Track user mouse clicks within the LMS
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See How AvLMS can Help you

Avsoft's AvLMS offers Airlines and ATOs a simple yet robust solution to eLearning courseware management. Let us show you how AvLMS works and how it can improve your pilot training program.


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