Computer Based Training (CBT) Courseware and Web Based Training (WBT) Courseware is the newest frontier in Aviation training techniques. New developments in internet access and multimedia design now allows for the best education experience possible! Avsoft's CBT/WBT courseware is designed to provide students with an in-depth exploration into the major aircraft systems. Thousands of highly-detailed technical illustrations and animations, along with concise explanations guide the user through each system, from Aircraft General to Power Plant. A powerful, easy-to-use interface allows for quick navigation while bonus features, including, an interactive lights & switch guide, detailed system diagrams, end of module exams, and a glossary of terms and acronyms complete this dynamic learning tool. Created and proofed by pilots, Avsoft's CBT/WBT courseware offers the most comprehensive aviation training available.
The Benefits of CBT/WBT Courseware:
  • Customized eLearning solution for your organization.  You can train using an eLearning solution customized to provide training for your specific fleet of aircraft.  Why train on a generic eLearning course  when your organization can be provide eLearning specific to your fleet?
  • Extremely accessible. Students can access their courses 24/7, from anywhere.
  • CBT/WBT courseware can be used as an enhancer, to boost the effectiveness of classroom instruction.
  • Superior graphics easily portray the complicated and often elaborate aircraft systems in individual and minute details.
  • Hyper efficient. By allowing students to work at their own pace CBT/WBT courseware reduces the amount of time students spend in a classroom while maintaining the highest retention rate of any other learning medium. 
Avsoft Courses 


 B737-300/500, Engines Module  737-700 (MX),  APU Module  Low Visibility Introduction Module Screen Shot

Aircraft Systems Course: B737-300/500

Engines Module

Maintenance Course: 737-700

APU Module

Recurrent Course: Low Visibility

Introduction Module


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At Avsoft, we pride ourselves on our customization capabilities. Nearly all of Avsoft's eLearning courses (posters as well) can be customized to be airline or aircraft specific. If you are interested in customizing an eLearning course for your organization, please contact Avsoft's Sales/Marketing Department at Marketing@avsoft.net


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