Training Management Service

The Training Management Service is provided through our partner company, CISEFA Training Management Solution.


Avsoft's Learning Management System is designed to communicate with the CISEFA Training Management system.  Information from the LMS (such as course completion dates) are passed to the CISEFA system and vice-versa.  Click here to see the data that can be shared between the Learning Management System and the CISEFA  Training Management System.

Click here to obtain additional information on CIESFA's Training Management Solution without the eLearning platform, or click here to obtain additional information on a complete Training Management, including the eLearning platform.

The Training Management features provided by the CISEFA System include:

Training Scheduling
  • Optimally set the date/time of Training/eLearning/AQP events
  • Set ad-hoc training
  • Pre-fill grading forms with the current crew roster
  • Manage eLerning training due dates
  • Proposes  schedule dates based on current records
  • Interface with crew planner optimizer
  • Validate training scheduling
Crew Records and Qualifications
  • Complies with JAR, FAA, CAR, etc... rules
  • Track based on relevant regulations (FAA line check vs JAA line checks)
  • Includes all elements required to obtain approval from the authorities
eForms Management
  • Document Management
  • Tracks documents
  • Store document
  • Retrieve/Deliver documents