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Perimeter Aviation Selects Avsoft Dash 8-300 Online Pilot Training

September 27, 2021

Perimeter Aviation, an airline based in Winnipeg, Canada that operates passenger, cargo, and medevac flights, has awarded Avsoft International a long-term contract for Dash 8-300 online pilot training

Perimeter Aviation is using Avsoft’s Dash 8-300 aircraft systems online course, along with an extensive package of aviation general subject online courses, for initial and recurrent pilot training running on Perimeter Aviation’s LMS.

Chief Pilot, Captain Richard Milton, indicated that the airline selected Avsoft based on course structure, detailed course content that meets their training needs, and, most importantly, the ability of Avsoft’s courses to be delivered through Perimeter Aviation’s LMS.

Avsoft’s library of online aircraft systems courses and general subject courses can be delivered on any LMS. This allows organizations with an existing LMS solution such as Perimeter Aviation to use Avsoft courses without having to migrate data or learn a new LMS system. 

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