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Archive for February, 2019

LMS, What?

Posted on: February 26th, 2019

Here’s the thing about acronyms. When you use one, it instantly gives the appearance that you know what you’re talking about. It’s kind of hard to tell WHY that is, other than abbreviating something that is industry-specific makes you sound a little more in-the-know that someone who can’t throw the acronym around so confidently. So…

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The Path to eLearning does not have GPS Coordinates

Posted on: February 19th, 2019

eLearning has been around the aviation industry for a while, so it might seem a bit counter-intuitive when I state that there is no defined formula to implementing eLearning programs in your organization. After all, everyone knows that in order to implement eLearning, all you really need is an electronic course to deliver over the…

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Avsoft Delivers Dash 8 Q100 Course

Posted on: February 14th, 2019

Avsoft is pleased to announce the release of the Dash 8 Q100 Aircraft Systems Course for pilots, owing to strong demand from our extensive Dash 8 customer base. Featuring 24 modules filled with highly-detailed technical illustrations, this course explores all the major aircraft systems, including all the components, operations, controls, and indications involved with each…

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Flitecom awards Avsoft contract for pilot training

Posted on: February 8th, 2019

Flitecom, located in Oerlinghausen near Hannover, Germany, has awarded Avsoft International a contract for its pilot training programmes. Flitecom, an EU/EASA approved ATO will use Avsoft’s proprietary Learning Management System – AvLMS to deliver its ATR 42/72 (all series) and Airbus A320 family aircraft systems courses for students at its Training Centre prior to Flight…

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Passion Air picks Avsoft for Dash 8 Q400 pilot training

Posted on: February 1st, 2019

Passion Air a new indigenous carrier in Ghana that started domestic operations in August 2018, has awarded Avsoft International a long-term contract for its Dash 8 Q400 pilot training.  Passion Air is using Avsoft’s Dash 8 Q400 aircraft systems eLearning course for pilot training, and will in the future use selected modules with tailored exams…

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