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Avsoft International

Who We Are

Avsoft was founded in 1996 by an airline pilot who designed an aircraft systems review program to help himself study for upcoming recurrent exams. The popularity of that program led to several lines of software products, as well as printed materials, including aircraft cockpit posters, which Avsoft has become well known for throughout the world of airline training. Avsoft began producing Computer Based Training (CBT) in the form of aircraft system courses, designed for initial and recurrent aircraft type rating training. CBT transitioned to eLearning, which has become Avsoft’s primary focus. Avsoft remains the industry standard for printed materials, and is becoming an industry leader in eLearning, both in the creation of eLearning courseware and learning management.

Our Mission

At Avsoft International® we strive to provide the most detailed, effective, and flexible pilot training solutions in the industry for Airlines, Approved Training Organizations (ATOs), and Individual Pilots. We work hard to ensure that all of our products and services, from our customized Aircraft Systems and General Subject eLearning courses, to our multiple deployment options and Learning Management System (LMS), give our customers more flexibility and freedom, all while providing the most effective, high-quality content possible.

Flexible Pilot Training Solutions

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