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Envision Content Authoring Tool

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Envision, our proprietary content authoring tool (formerly called RD3) is designed specifically for the creation and modification of large, complex online aviation courses. Envision addresses many of the challenges traditionally associated with building complex online courses. The dynamic development environment provided by this tool makes it easy for airlines and other training organizations to create new online courses, customize them to your specifications, and update them in the future as needed.



Envision’s Graphic Proofing mode allows SMEs to highlight areas on graphics and add modification notes


Envision uses a server-based approach for online course development and distribution. All course files are kept on a cloud-based server at all times. Files are uploaded directly to the server when they are created or modified, eliminating the need to use a zipped folder. By making all changes on the server and replacing old files in real time, it ensures the server always contains the latest version of your course, eliminating any confusion over which files are most current.

Since all data and assets are stored on the server, there is no need to zip and redistribute the course materials when updates are made. Instead, all new materials are available online instantly. This simplifies your process and makes life easier for individuals taking your course.

Envision, being a cloud-based tool, allows development team members and client representatives at different geographic locations to smoothly collaborate on courseware projects.

Envision integrates almost all aspects of online course creation into one powerful tool which features multiple functions and features.


Script Editor

The foundation of every online course is the narrations.

Each course module includes a set of narrations called a script.

This function allows users to write and proof narrations.

In addition, users can enter reference notes and drawing instructions.

File Uploader

Drag and drop files or select files from your computer. This function allows users to upload image files, audio files, and video files.

Avsoft project asset files include associated meta tags- if a file doesn’t have the proper meta tag for a project, Envision will not allow the file to be uploaded; this prevents files from other projects from being accidentally uploaded.

Graphics Proof

After a script is written, Avsoft’s Technical Illustrators create and upload associated graphics.

This function allows users to view a module’s graphics and add comments regarding graphic changes.

Users select the area of a graphic where a change is required and enter comments in a pop-up window.

After comments are added, Avsoft’s Technical Illustrators can see the highlighted areas on the graphics and the associated comments, and update the graphics accordingly.

Audio Recording

Envision incorporates advanced neural Text-To-Speech (TTS) software which is used to record narration audio.

Users can use this function to quickly record and proof audio.

Avsoft uses Amazon, Google, and IBM services, and has multiple voices for clients to choose from.

Development Forum

When tasks are completed, automatic emails are generated and sent to users associated with the project.

These emails are stored in the module’s Development Forum, which serves as a historical repository.

In addition, users can manually enter notes and attach files using this function.

Questions Editor

Every Avsoft online course module ends with a test section.

This function allows users to create new questions and answers, as well as proof existing questions and answers.

This function also allows users to see all the narrations and graphics from the associated module, and tag associated narrations.

When an end user gets a question wrong, Envision will display the tagged narration and graphic so that the end user can see why their choice was incorrect.

Module Review

This function assembles all associated assets and displays the module in Avsoft’s course player as an end user would see and hear it.

This function allows users to proof scene functionality, making sure everything looks and sounds proper.

Once this step is complete, the associated module is considered complete and ready to be published.

Module Builder

This function allows users to add various types of scene interactivity, including single and multiple hot spots, automated bullet points, animations, and videos.

Recurrent Creator

Avsoft’s online aviation courses are designed to provide full initial training.

This function allows users to make abridged recurrent versions of our courses by selecting specific pages in a module that an end user will see, as well as specific modules that an end user will see.



  • Online courses typically consist of multiple modules
  • This feature allows developers to create new modules for a course, as well as to rename or delete existing modules


  • Avsoft courses can include forks so that different options can be selected by the end users
  • This feature allows developers to add forks to a course


  • Avsoft uses two servers- a development server for course creation/modification, and a production server with “live” courses
  • When course creation or updating is complete, the course is “published” to the production server so that end users can access it
  • This feature allow developers to publish single modules or the entire course


  • This feature presents the course module status in a spreadsheet fashion, providing the development team with a detailed visualization of project status
  • Huge benefit for project management:
    • See where your team is at during all phases of course development
    • Reduce confusion, reduce errors, and save time

Course Settings

  • This feature allows developers to select multiple course settings such as:
    • Imperial or metric units
    • Force users to view all scenes
    • Force users listen to audio before moving to next scene
    • Minimum number of test questions
    • Minimum passing grade
    • Test time limit

Final Exams

  • This function allows developers to generate final exams that will be delivered to end users when all modules have been successfully completed
  • Developers can pull questions from the end-of-module question tables, or create new questions


  • This function allows administrators to add or remove users from the associated project’s development team

Work Assignments

  • This function allows administrators to assign project roles to development team members
  • Roles include writing scripts, drawing graphics, recording audio, writing questions, assembling the course, and proofing at every stage

Work Grading

  • This function allows administrators to grade the work of development team members
  • Grading is done when stages are proofed using check boxes built into the associated functions


  • This function allows administrators to make a copy of a completed course
  • This is done when a derivative course is created

“I would like to thank Avsoft for its professional attitude and tireless effort to help us make a customized product that will increase our collective systems knowledge level both in the short as well as in the long run. The feedback from our end users has been nothing but great so far. The Envision development interface is user-friendly and it is easy to communicate change requests, that are promptly implemented.”
– Jakob Blaabjerg Knudsen, Air Greenland Project Development Partner

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