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ATR Online Aircraft Systems Courses

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ATR 42-320
Aircraft Systems Course

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ATR 42-500 Course
Aircraft Systems Course

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ATR 72-500
Aircraft Systems Course

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ATR 72-600 Course
Aircraft Systems Course

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ATR Online Aircraft System Courses

  • Can be delivered on any third-party LMS
  • Specific to aircraft model, for example, the ATR 42-320 course
  • Designed for both initial and recurrent type rating training
  • Designed to comply with regulatory bodies, including EASA, FAA, IATA, and Transport Canada
  • Divided into modules- each module covers a specific aircraft system, for example, “Flight Controls”
  • Provide much more visual information than any aircraft manual
  • Include photo-realistic flight deck panel illustrations and 3D aircraft exterior and interior views
  • Guide users step-by-step through complex systems, integrating flight deck panels with aircraft components, system diagrams, and synoptic displays
  • Cover system overviews, controls and indicators, normal operations, and abnormal operations
  • Include test section at the end of each module
  • Can be customized according to company configurations and specifications
  • Can be customized to include differences
  • Updated quickly if an error is found or related information changes