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Privacy Policy

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Avsoft International appreciates the risks associated with the circulation of personal information on the Internet. We feel it is important that personal information be protected, and we would like our customers and visitors to fully understand the type of information we collect from you when visiting our website and its intended use. Please refer to this section periodically for changes or updates and be assured that Avsoft will not collect any personal information without your prior consent.

1. Collection and Processing of Personal Information

When requesting information, signing up for product demos, or registering for online courses, Avsoft may request that you provide information such as your name, postal address, and email by filling out an online form. Be advised this information will be subject to data collection practices including saving, storing, editing, detailing, archiving and destroying.

2. Email Opt Out

You will always have the option to opt out of any email subscription offered on the Avsoft web site.

3. Disclosure of Information

Unless required by law, Avsoft will never disclose your personal information to a third party without your explicit prior consent.

The following are the only times at which Avsoft may disclose your personal information: (a) upon request by a legal authority or in good faith when such action is deemed necessary; (b) in order to abide by applicable laws or regulations or to intervene in a lawsuit against Avsoft; (c) in order to protect or defend the legal or property rights of Avsoft or those of its clients; and (d) to intervene, under extreme circumstances, in order to protect the personal safety of Avsoft employees, clients, or members of the general public.

4. Third Party Web Sites

The Avsoft web site contains links to third-party web sites; these are provided solely for your convenience. Clicking on these links will take you outside of the Avsoft web site. Please be advised that Avsoft has no control over these third-party sites and, while Avsoft may feature such links, Avsoft will not, at any time, accept liability for these sites.

5. Policy Modification

We hope that this information has provided you with a better understanding of our strict privacy protection policies. Please note that Avsoft reserves the right to modify these policies at any time. We therefore invite you to periodically consult this section for possible updates and changes.