Pilot Training Solutions

Online Aviation Courses, Content Authoring, Learning Management, and more

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Avsoft provides detailed and effective pilot training solutions to Airlines, Approved Training Organizations (ATOs), and Individuals around the world, including:

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Aviation Courses

Our online aviation courses, including aircraft systems and general subjects, all feature effective, high quality training content.

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Envision Content
 Authoring Tool

Envision allows us to create and customize online aviation courses to meet your fleet specifications.

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Avsoft LMS

Our avLMS provides clients with a learning management system designed specifically for airline pilot training.

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Avsoft Portable Classroom Online Pilot Training being used on a tablet
Portable Classroom

Our Portable Classroom app allows users to download and access courses offline and sync data with LMS when back online.

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Cockpit Posters

Our Aircraft Cockpit Posters allow users to familiarize themselves with a cockpit before ever stepping foot inside

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Quick Study Guides

Our Quick Study Guides allow users to familiarize themselves with the operation of all of the cockpit controls and indicators.

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Online Aviation Courses
  • Aircraft systems courses and general subject courses
  • Detailed and effective content designed for initial and recurrent pilot training
  • Designed to comply with regulatory agencies including EASA, FAA, IATA, ICAO, and Transport Canada
  • We prioritize content accuracy and update our courses whenever related information changes or errors are found
  • Our courses can be delivered on any third-party LMS
Envision Content Authoring Tool
  • Designed specifically for the creation and modification of online aviation courses
  • Integrates almost all aspects of online course creation into one powerful tool with multiple functions and features
  • Cloud-based so that development team and client representatives at different geographic locations can smoothly collaborate on projects
  • Makes it easy for clients to create new online courses, customize, and update in the future as needed
avLMS Learning Management System
  • Designed for airline pilot training
  • Easy-to-use automatic distribution system
  • Deliver training based on due dates- initial, recurrent, or one-time training
  • Automated granular reporting
Portable Classroom App
  • No Wi-Fi? No problem
  • While online, users can stream all content and complete course objectives
  • Users can download course content and complete course objectives in an offline mode when there is poor connectivity
  • Once internet access returns, all course progress made in offline mode will be uploaded to LMS
Printed Materials
  • Aircraft Cockpit Posters
  • Quick Study Guides
  • System Diagrams
  • Cockpit Synoptic Displays
  • Emergency Equipment Locations


Avsoft comes from a commercial pilot background and we have worked with many airline training departments, so we understand the ground school initial and recurrent training process from both the pilot and training department viewpoints. We design all of our products to provide pilots with the detailed and effective training content that they need, and to align and integrate with the requirements and specifications of airline pilot training departments.


All of our pilot training solutions are designed with one goal in mind: to make your life easier.

“I will not hesitate to call on Avsoft when they have a product we need, and I highly recommend them to any training provider seeking the best in training aids and product support.”

– Tom Peterson, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Canadair Regional Jet Program Manager

Customized, Detailed, and Effective

We provide flexible and custom solutions to meet your needs.