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Avsoft Learning Management System

Avsoft LMS - Learning Management System

The Avsoft Learning Management System (avLMS) is designed for Airline and ATO pilot training departments.

Over the past decade, Avsoft’s Legacy LMS evolved, incorporating features and functions requested by our clients to meet their specific aviation training needs. avLMS represents the next step forward, integrating all the specialization of Avsoft’s Legacy LMS, plus the ability to go way beyond the SCORM standard, all in simple yet advanced package easy to use for both administrators and end users.


 What does avLMS offer your Airline or ATO?

  • Specifically designed for aviation training
  • Deliver training based on:
    • Individual due dates:
      • Specifically designed to deliver online training for recurrent training when training must be completed within a specific date range
      • Date range automatically increments upon completion of the training; incrementation can be 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, yearly, every other year, or anywhere between 2 to 9 years
      • Due dates can be the last day of a month or an ad-hoc date
    • Group due dates:
      • Specifically designed to deliver online training for one time training events when training must be accomplished during a specified period
    • Remedial training:
      • Specifically designed to create customized training for a specific individual and the training must be completed during a specific period
    • Qualification: Deliver training to users who are not qualified on their aircraft, or deliver training only to those qualified on the aircraft
  • LMS Handles training for multiple qualifications
  • Automatically generate a completion certificate for a specific course, or for a series of courses
  • Automatically generate completion (or failure) reports to one or more individuals (instructors, administrators, etc.), or deliver to a training mail box
    • Reports can be for a single course or a series of courses
  • Automatically notify students of upcoming training
  • Automatically notify training manager when training is not completed within a certain period of the due date
  • Automatically notify training manager when training has not been completed by the due date
  • Send messages to users via email or built-in LMS messaging board
  • Conduct surveys on effectiveness of training
  • Deliver training via Avsoft’s Portable Classroom (iPad/Android) on or offline
  • Synchronize records between the Portable Classroom and the LMS
  • Automatically notify users that Portable Classroom courses require updating
  • All user activities (students and admins) are tracked and can be reviewed
  • All records are preserved, even if a user is deleted; old records are moved to an archive repository
  • Gain insight into when people use the training (hour of the day, day of the week) and the type of browser used
  • Manage user profiles (usernames, passwords, training dates)
  • View historical records of previous training
  • The LMS records every failure of a course module, including questions that were delivered
  • Easily mount courses created using Avsoft’s Rapid Design, Development, and Deployment (RD3) tool without the need of creating manifests
  • Select information required in order to enroll a user
  • Easily assign individuals from one training group to another
  • Share documents with users for the entire LMS, a training organization (a group of training departments), or a single training department
  • Link to external websites or documents
  • PowerPoint-like help files to walk you through every task
  • Add HTML styling to organization, department pages, or training sections
  • Easily prepare training ahead of schedule to provide a smooth transition from year to another
  • Manage organization, department, or course settings
  • LMS customization and branding
  • Integrate with existing cloud platforms (corporate HR systems)
  • Control delivery of courses based on another course
  • Control the number of times a module can be taken until passed
  • Force completion of course modules in a specific sequence
  • Add your own training courses
  • Convert PowerPoint presentations into eLearning content using Avsoft’s RD3 system
  • Deliver final exams with ability to quit a test, and start back at the last point on the next launch
  • Validate results when a user produces a screen shot as evidence of completed training
  • Share courses between training departments
  • Common departments assigned to everyone
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See How avLMS can Help you

Avsoft's Learning Management System offers Airlines and ATOs a simple yet robust solution to eLearning courseware management. Let us show you how AvLMS works and how it can improve your pilot training program.


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