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A320 Quick Study Guide Image 2Avsoft’s Quick Study Guides, or QSGs, are┬áhandy 5.5″ x 8.5″ (14 cm x 21.6 cm) reference guides that are designed for pilots looking to familiarize themselves with the locations and functionalities of all the cockpit controls and indicators.

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Quick Study Guides


Avsoft’s QSGs feature the same full color, photo-realistic cockpit panel illustrations that can be found in Avsoft’s Aircraft Cockpit Posters and Type Rating Courses. Besides the comprehensive coverage of the cockpit panels, these quick reference guides also include a thorough section of practice questions and answers, aircraft system diagrams, and a glossary of related acronyms and abbreviations. Designed for individuals transitioning to a new aircraft, these handbooks provide excellent supplemental reference during ground school training. Avsoft’s QSGs are popular and effective pilot training aids.


There are two options for binding: Comb Bound and 7-Hole Punched. A Comb Bound QSG is bound with a plastic comb binding and protective clear covers. This is the more popular option, as it does not require an additional binder, making it more lightweight and mobile. A 7-Hole Punched QSG is drilled with a 7-hole pattern to fit in a typical aircraft manual binder and shrink-wrapped. 7-Hole Punched QSGs require an additional binder.

A320 Quick Study Guide Image 1

Customer Testimonial

"A great study guide with beautiful color graphics and schematics. Everything in the cockpit is explained and described in a thorough, no-nonsense fashion. You won't be disappointed with this product."

ClaytonVerified Amazon Reviewstar rating

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