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Avsoft announces NAT HLA Course

June 20, 2018

New NAT HLA Course for Pilots

Avsoft is pleased to announce the release of the NAT HLA Course for pilots.

Avsoft has developed a NAT HLA general subject course for pilots that explores the important concepts, definitions, equipment, procedures, and requirements related to operations in the North Atlantic High Level Airspace (NAT HLA). This course is based on the ICAO North Atlantic Operations and Airspace Manual (NAT Doc 007), V.2018-1, and includes four modules: Introduction, Route Structures, Normal Procedures, and Contingency procedures.

  • Introduction covers NAT HLA structure, aircraft separation, including RLatSM, RLongSM, and RVSM, required equipment, including RNP, PBCS, and LRNS, and NAT CMA monitoring of operations.
  • Route Structures covers the Organized Track System (OTS), random tracks, Blue Spruce routes, special routes, and polar tracks.
  • Normal Procedures covers required documents, FMS flight plan entry, plotting charts, oceanic clearance and entry, Strategic Lateral Offset Procedure (SLOP), oceanic exit, and post flight.
  • Contingency Procedures covers equipment failures, external factors, emergency situations, and volcanic ash.

This course is designed to comply with EASA, FAA, ICAO, and Transport Canada regulations and to provide pilots with about 5 hours of initial training. Customers have the option of customising this course to be suitable for recurrent training. Each module of the course concludes with a test, and when all the modules are successfully completed, a certificate of completion is generated.

Avsoft’s eLearning Courses provide Airlines, ATOs, and individual pilots with comprehensive aircraft systems and general subject training, combined with flexible deployment and content customization options, all designed to simplify your life.

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