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Avsoft releases B737 MAX 8 aircraft systems course

February 7, 2023

After waiting a few years for related issues to resolve, Avsoft International is very excited to announce the release its new B737 MAX 8 aircraft system course. Avsoft developed the MAX 8 course to meet the training syllabus requirements of EASA and FAA, and to be suitable for both initial type rating and recurrent pilot training. Avsoft’s MAX 8 course includes 24 modules that cover all the major aircraft systems, including MCAS, and provide detailed coverage of all components, operations, controls, and indications associated with each system.

Avsoft’s B737 MAX 8 online aviation course is SCORM compliant and can be delivered on any LMS. Each of the 24 modules concludes with a test, and when the course is successfully completed, a certificate is generated. Airlines and ATOs have the option of editing test questions, as well as creating a final exam.


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