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Avsoft releases CRM Course

May 5, 2023

Based on customer demand, Avsoft has developed and released a CRM course. CRM (Crew Resource Management) is an important tool for improving aviation safety that increases crew awareness of human factors that can lead to aviation incidents and accidents and provides techniques to prevent such situations from occurring. Avsoft’s CRM course includes seven modules: Introduction, Communications, Leadership and Team Building, Workload Management, Fatigue, Stress, and Decision Making.

Avsoft developed the CRM course to meet EASA, FAA, and Transport Canada training requirements. This general subject course delivers around nine hours of instruction and is suitable for ground school theory study. Each module concludes with a test, and when the course is successfully completed, a certificate is generated. Airlines and ATOs can edit the end-of-module test questions, as well as create a final exam.

All Avsoft courses, including CRM, are SCORM compliant and can be delivered on any LMS.

About Avsoft

Avsoft International is a premier provider of cutting-edge aviation training solutions, catering to the global aviation industry. Specializing in aircraft system courses and an expansive library of general subjects courses, Avsoft ensures a comprehensive and dynamic learning experience for aviation professionals. The company distinguishes itself by offering customizable courses, cockpit posters, and quick study guides, allowing clients to tailor their training programs. Committed to customer excellence, Avsoft prioritizes the delivery of top-notch training solutions. At the core of their offerings is avLMS, an airline-grade Learning Management System, designed to meet the unique needs of aviation training. Avsoft International continues to be a trusted partner in elevating aviation education worldwide.


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Avsoft proudly provides pilot training solutions to airlines and ATOs around the world. We would love to help your organization as well. We offer a wide range of effective and proven pilot training products, all available here 24/7/365.

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