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Boeing B737-800 with -600/700 Diffs.

Learn the cockpit layout of the Boeing B737 NG with this pilot training poster


The Boeing B737-800 with -600/700 Diffs. Poster was drawn with a focus on both photo-realism and instructional value, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the B737-600/700/800 cockpit before ever stepping foot inside one! This cockpit training poster features full color vector illustrations drawn using photos and general measurements from a B737-600/700/800 cockpit, so that it provides an accurate representation of colors and dimensions, as well as a detailed portrayal of the individual controls and indicators. The B737-800 with -600/700 Diffs. Cockpit Poster includes the flight instruments, the center pedestal, and the overhead panel. Designed for pilots transitioning to the B737-600/700/800, this poster provides excellent supplemental reference during ground school training, including the ability to practice cockpit flows.


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Three 17" x 36" (43.2 cm x 91.4 cm) sheets of paper

Each cockpit panel is printed on an individual sheet. Cockpit panels are not printed at the same scale, they are each sized to maximum print area on each sheet. Referred to as "standard" or "student" size, this is our most popular poster option.

Life Size

Life-sized/100% scale/ 1:1

Each cockpit panel is printed at 100% scale/1:1 on an individual sheet of paper. These poster sets are designed for training purposes, not to be used as design templates.


For large orders, Avsoft’s cockpit posters can be branded with company logos, as well as customized to match specific aircraft and simulator configurations.


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