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RD3 System


Avsoft’s eLearning development tool, the Rapid Design, Development, and Delivery or RD3 system, was created to simplify the lives of Avsoft eLearning designers, as well as training organization managers. RD3 gives Airlines and ATOs a wide range of flexibility, including the ability to specify multiple course settings, create recurrent courses, and edit existing or create new content, all with no interaction from Avsoft.

What does the RD3 System offer your Airline or ATO?


  1. RD3 allows you to edit existing content and create new content.

    • Create a recurrent course by simply selecting the desired modules from the initial course. If desired, any screen within each selected module may be selected to reduce the size of the recurrent module.
    • Create a differences course by adding additional information and screens to an aircraft systems course.
    • Create a single course project that applies to multiple aircraft (e.g. Surface Contamination).
    • Create a new customer-specific course.
    • Convert a PowerPoint Presentation into an eLearning course.
    • Add/edit/delete the questions and answers for the end of module exams.
    • Write the questions and answers in any language.
    • Create separate final exams which can be printed or delivered through an Learning Management System (LMS).
    • Modify existing courses for conversion into a foreign language.
    • Modify the glossary of terms.
    • Modify the course storyboards- change narrations, change sequences, and add/remove pages.
  2. RD3 allows you to manage course settings.

    • Specify whether the individual needs to view all the screens in a course.
    • Specify whether the individual needs listen to all the audio in a course.
    • Specify whether a user needs to retake an entire module in the event the user fails the end of module exam.
    • Specify display mode: page turner mode, movie mode, or user’s choice.
    • Set the minimum passing grade for the end of module exams.
    • Set the number of questions to deliver in the end of the module exams.
    • Set the number of questions in the final exam.
    • Set the minimum passing grade for the final exam.
    • Enable/disable in course communication: Skype™, instant messaging, or email, or any combination of the three- this allows a student to contact an instructor while the student is studying.
    • Deliver via the Portable Classroom app for iPad and Android tablets.
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See How RD3 can Help you

Avsoft's RD3 system is being used by Airlines and ATOs around the world to manage and create eLearning course content. Let us show you how the RD3 system works and how it can improve your pilot training program.


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