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Avsoft’s Rapid Design, Development, and Delivery (RD3) system is a robust eLearning software platform that is ideally suited for the creation of large, complex online courses. The RD3 system addresses many of the challenges traditionally associated with building complex eLearning courses. The dynamic development environment provided by our platform makes it easy to create new courses and modify existing ones, giving you the ability to fully customize your training materials while maintaining ownership of the entire process.

The development of complex eLearning courses often involves collaboration by a variety of team members, including:

This process can become challenging when team members are spread out in different geographic regions. RD3 addresses this issue by making it easy to share files and allowing you track different versions of the course to identify changes that have been made from one iteration to the next.


How Does RD3 Work?

RD3 uses a server-based approach for eLearning course development and distribution. All course files are kept on a cloud-based server at all times. Files are uploaded directly to the server when they are created or modified, eliminating the need to use a zipped folder. By making all changes on the server and replacing old files in real time, it ensures the server always contains the latest version of your course, eliminating any confusion over which files are most current.

Since all data and assets are stored on the server, there is no need to zip and redistribute the course materials when updates are made. Instead, all new materials are available online instantly. This simplifies your process and makes life easier for individuals taking your course.

Why Should I Use RD3 for My eLearning Software?

The user-friendly design of RD3 provides many benefits that will simplify the process of creating your eLearning courses.

Storyboard Function

Storyboard functionality is a key benefit provided by RD3, and it is critical for creating complex eLearning projects. The storyboard functions as a script for your course, providing a crucial building block necessary for all effective computer-based training programs. By using a storyboard, it will be much easier to create and update the structure of your eLearning course.

In addition to this storyboard functionality, you’ll be able to leverage the following tools to streamline the creation of your course:

  • Question manager tool
  • Graphics proofing tool
  • Scene builder tool
  • Audio recording tool

You’ll also have access to a robust module proofing function to ensure your course is working properly prior to its release. The User & Team Manager functions will allow you to easily manage all team members involved in the course development process and assign tasks to the appropriate person.

Checklist System

There are many moving parts associated with a complex eLearning course, and it can often be difficult to keep track of which steps have been completed. One of the biggest problems with online training software is that it’s common to receive items out of sequence. This can create errors in the process.

RD3’s checklist system makes it easy to track the progress of your course development:

  • You’ll receive alerts every time you need to complete a task as part of the content creation process
  • You’ll receive notifications that tell you what’s been done and what still needs to be completed
  • With the exception of storyboard and question writing/proofing, all checklist items are automatically marked complete when you finish the task

The checklist system is a huge benefit for project management. It allows you to see where you’re at during all phases of course development. This reduces errors and saves time.

Robust Subject Matter Expert Review Capabilities

Most traditional eLearning course development systems allow your subject matter experts to make comments on the graphics as a whole when proofing the project. This can make it challenging to accurately convey the specific issue that needs to be corrected. RD3 allows you to examine one graphic at a time and comment on the specific graphic that needs to be corrected.

You can even pinpoint the area on the graphic you’re referring to, reducing the need for lengthy descriptions in comments. This process makes corrections much more accurate and saves your team a significant amount of time.

xAPI Capabilities

RD3’s xAPI capabilities provide a built-in way to grade the developer of the course. For example, if you experience problems drawing technical diagrams, the mistakes can be easily analyzed and identified. This allows you to retrain the person making these errors or reassign the module to a more qualified person on your team.

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See How RD3 can Help you

Avsoft’s RD3 system is revolutionizing the way eLearning courses are designed and distributed. Let us show you how the platform can help improve your online training programs. Please contact us today to learn more.


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