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SiAvia Selects Avsoft for eLearning Contract

June 9, 2017

Avsoft has been awarded a contract from SiAvia, a Jet Management company based in Slovenia, to provide its eLearning Products and LMS Services.  The Avsoft ERJ 145 Aircraft Systems Course is being used as part of SiAvia’s ATO Type Training for its Student Pilots at its Training Centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

SiAvia is a Slovenian commercial air operator, managing a fleet of 6 Embraer 145EP/LR and 1 Cessna Excel, and operating scheduled, charter, and VIP flights with a Flight Operation support center that provides round-the-clock support to everyone involved in aircraft operation. SiAvia is also an AOC, ATO and CAMO approved organization, providing Initial Type Rating, Recurrent, Base and Line Training for Pilots, Initial Attestation, Conversion and Differences Training, SCCM Training, and Instructor Training. SiAvia also offers Flight Dispatcher Training with theoretical and on-the-job training. Avsoft’s ERJ 145 AType Rating Course is ideal for SiAvia as its students can login with PC via web, or iPad and Android tablets on and offline, the course is fully flexible in allowing varying lesson content and exam needs to meet Type Course requirements, and integrates perfectly with SiAvia’s Pilot Training Programme. Avsoft’s LMS provides SiAvia with a system to schedule and train all its Student Pilots and is best placed to support their needs for Recurrent Training in the future.

Avsoft’s RD3 System allows customers such as SiAvia to create recurrent courses based on initial courses, as well as add, edit, and delete the questions and answers for the end of module exams.

If you represent an Airline or ATO, please Contact Us to get 30 days of full access to any of our Aircraft Type Rating Course, including the ERJ 145, or General Subject Courses for evaluation purposes.

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