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SmartLynx Airlines awards Avsoft eLearning Contract

September 26, 2017

SmartLynx Airlines, based in Riga, Latvia has signed a long-term contract with Avsoft International for eLearning services for its type and recurrent pilot training. Avsoft’s Airbus A320 series aircraft systems course with CFM 56 and IAE 2500 engines and its generic RVSM course are in-service with the Crew Training Department. SmartLynx Airlines specialises in aircraft lease services and is the leading ACMI provider in EU on Airbus A320 aircraft. SmartLynx Airlines also ensures full charter operation for its home markets in Latvia and Estonia, predominantly in the leisure market. It also performs flight crew training – SmartLynx’s ATO is a leading approved airline pilot training company in the Baltic States, providing type rating courses for Airbus A320 series.

“We believe that Avsoft is an ideal training partner for our company as its courses satisfy our need for both Type Rating and Recurrent eLearning based Training via our in-house LMS, allowing our training department to monitor usage statistics and crew performance. In addition, we believe that our pilot and cabin crew will benefit from the flexible user functions Avsoft offers including iPad and Online /Offline training options.” commented Captain Boncho Dimitrov, Crew Training Director.

If you represent an Airline or ATO, please Contact Us to get 30 days of full access to any of our Aircraft Type Rating Courses, including the A320 CFM + IAE, or General Subject Courses for evaluation purposes.

Avsoft’s eLearning Courses provide Airlines, ATOs, and individual pilots with comprehensive aircraft systems and general subject training, combined with flexible deployment and content customization options, all designed to simplify your life.

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