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UK CAA Approves Avsoft’s PBN- RNP Course

May 24, 2018

Avsoft International gains UK CAA approval for its PBN- RNP course

The UK CAA has granted approval for Avsoft’s PBN- RNP eLearning course for pilot training to meet the Commission Regulation (EU) No. 539/2016 Performance Based Navigation (PBN) requires that from 25 August 2018, pilots may fly in accordance with PBN routes and procedures provided that they have a PBN privileges endorsement to their Instrument Rating (IR).

Avsoft International has received UK CAA approval to provide this course for initial PBN training for individual pilots and belonging to UK based airlines.

Avsoft’s PBN- RNP course is based on the RNP navigation specification of the ICAO PBN concept, which is a key component of the FAA’s NextGen Initiative. The course takes about 3 hours and covers basic principles, definitions, specifications, and terminology; equipment and training requirements; operating principles; different approach types and characteristics; preflight and inflight procedures; use of approach plates; limitations; and associated risks. Each module concludes with a test, and when all the modular tests are successfully completed, a certificate of completion is generated. Customers also have the option of creating a final exam.

Avsoft’s eLearning Courses provide Airlines, ATOs, and individual pilots with comprehensive aircraft systems and general subject training, combined with flexible deployment and content customization options, all designed to simplify your life.

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