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Standard Poster

Avsoft's original and most popular pilot poster

Avsoft’s Standard Poster, referred to as “standard” or “student” size, is the reason the name Avsoft is synonymous with cockpit posters.  Thousands of pilots around the globe have used these posters. Avsoft’s Standard Posters are ideal supplemental training aids for pilots going through ground school training and getting to know a new aircraft.

These poster sets consist of three sheets of paper; each sheet measures 17″ x 36″ (43.2 cm x 91.4 cm). The three main cockpit panels- flight instruments, the center pedestal, and the overhead panel, are printed on individual sheets. Each of the three main cockpit panels is maximized to fit within the available print area on its respective sheet of paper, which means each panel is printed at a different scale.

A320 Standard Poster Set

These posters are rolled and shipped in clear plastic sleeves. Customers have the option of having these posters laminated for extra protection and longevity. Learn more about Avsoft’s pilot and aviation training courses.

Poster Customization

Avsoft's aircraft cockpit posters are vector illustrations, which means that they can be easily modified. The cockpit panels can be customized to reflect a specific aircraft or simulator configuration. Avsoft's cockpit posters can also be branded with company logos. Avsoft prints custom cockpit posters for Airlines and ATOs around the world.

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