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AIS Flight Academy Awards Avsoft eLearning Contract

June 1, 2017

Avsoft has been awarded a contract from AIS Flight Academy, part of the AIS airline group, based in The Netherlands to provide eLearning products and LMS services for its Boeing 737-400 aircraft systems course. This course will be used as for Type and Recurrent training for AIS customers at its Training Centre in Lelystad, The Netherlands.

AIS Flight Academy offers an integrated education for everyone who wants to become a commercial aviator. Both theory and practical sessions are taught in The Netherlands. You will fly to many destinations in Europe. Since the European air space is crowded and weather conditions are changing continuously, these flight hours will be of great value for your future career. AIS Flight Academy has an extended fleet to make sure there are always enough aircrafts available for our students. In our opinion, finances should not stand in the way of your ambition to become an aviator says CCO Nicole Scheffer so therefore we have a good financial arrangement for all students who want to attend our cadetship. Students who finish their education and grading successfully are offered a job opportunity as a first officer on the Jetstream 32 at AIS Airlines. With that, AIS Airlines offers you a unique chance to build up flight experience in your first job in commercial aviation. You will operate daily flights in – for instance – Scandinavia and Germany where you have to deal with continuously changing weather conditions. With a vast number of European flight hours, you have formed a perfect basis for the continuation of your flight career. The academy started in 2000 and grew out to be one of the biggest training schools in the Netherlands. The airline began with one Jetstream 32 aircraft in 2009/2010, and now has seven aircraft fully operational in Scandinavia, Germany and Croatia, with plans to expand the fleet further soon. The airline also has a Jetstream 32 simulator and a 737 level D simulator, run through AIS Flight Academy.

AIS’s selection of Avsoft was due to the 737 aircraft systems course coverage across different aircraft versions (-300, -400, -500) and quality of the training content, its flexible approach to AIS’s training business and ease with which the course can be customised internally to suit AIS requirements. Avsoft is also best placed to support AIS’s plans for recurrent pilot training in the future with its range of Flight OPS recurrent courses. Learn more about Avsoft’s aviation training and pilot courses.

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