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Avsoft Announces Hot Weather Operations Course

May 8, 2020

Operations in high altitude and high temperature conditions, referred to as “hot and high operations,” involve detrimental effects to aircraft performance that can limit operational capability and present several hazards. Avsoft has created a Hot Weather Operations online aviation training course to cover the limitations and hazards of hot and high operations.

Topics covered in this online aviation course include the concept of density altitude, how density altitude affects engine performance, true airspeed, and brake energy, how high temperatures affect various aircraft systems, flight deck and passenger cabin cooling techniques, engine start, taxi, takeoff, and landing practices, and operations in sandy environments. Avsoft developed the course to meet the training requirements for all aviation regulatory authorities. This course includes two modules, each module concludes with a test, and when the course is successfully completed, a certificate is generated.

Avsoft’s Hot Weather Operations course can be delivered via Avsoft’s proprietary LMS (AvLMS) or any third-party LMS so it is easy for airlines and training organizations with an existing LMS solution in place to add this course to their existing training.

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