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Avsoft Releases ATR 72-600 Type Rating Course

Posted on: May 15th, 2017

Avsoft is pleased to announce the release of the ATR 72-600 Type Rating Course for pilots.

Avsoft developed this course based on strong demand from our customer base for this new derivative of the popular ATR aircraft. Featuring 22 modules filled with highly-detailed technical illustrations, an interactive lights and switch guide, interactive components, complex system diagrams, and challenging end of module exams; this course delivers approximately 33 hours of comprehensive and effective instruction.

Avsoft courses can be delivered through Avsoft’s Learning Management System (LMS), or a third party’s LMS.  The ATR 72-600 course can also be viewed on an iPad or Android tablet using Avsoft’s Portable Classroom app, which allow users to download the course content to their devices and use while they are offline, or they can stream the content if they are online.

Avsoft’s RD3 System allows customers such as to create recurrent courses based on initial courses, as well as add, edit, and delete the questions and answers for the end of module exams.

If you represent an Airline or ATO, please Contact Us to get 30 days of full access to the ATR 72-600 Type Rating Course for evaluation purposes.

Avsoft’s eLearning Courses provide Airlines, ATOs, and individual pilots with comprehensive aircraft systems and general subject training, combined with flexible deployment and content customization options, all designed to simplify your life.


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