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Online Aviation Courses - Online Aviation Training

Pilot and Aviation eLearning Courses Online

Avsoft’s online aviation and pilot training courses provide Airlines, ATOs, and individual pilots with comprehensive, high-quality aircraft systems and general subject training, combined with flexible deployment and content customization options, all designed to simplify your life.

Deploy on our LMS, a leased LMS, or an in-house LMS

All our online aviation courses work with any third-party LMS. That means:

Again, we strive to simplify your life. After all, there is no need to figure out another LMS when your current third-party systems will work.

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Online Aircraft Systems Courses

Online General Subject Courses

Online Maintenance Courses

Avsoft Courseware Features

Avsoft’s aviation general subject course ware for pilots is designed specifically for convenient online learning for the airline industry. Our goal is to provide comprehensive content that meets all operator and regulatory body requirements.  Our courses are flexible and allow organizations the options to choose deployment, management, and customization that best fit their unique needs. Avsoft focuses not only on the quality of content, but also on access to the course, user experience, testing, tracking, and communications.

Ease of Access

Avsoft’s aviation courses can be viewed online or offline. Users with Mac or Windows devices can view courses online using any major browser, such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Android tablet and iPad users can view courses using the Portable Classroom app, which allows them to download the course content to their devices and use while they are offline, or they can stream the content if they are online.

Use with Avsoft’s LMS or Your LMS

Avsoft’s courses are designed to be used from any LMS. Customers can choose to access courses from Avsoft’s custom LMS (AvLMS), or they can access them from their own LMS. To date, Avsoft has deployed its eLearning courses on a dozen different Learning Management Systems.

Robust Course Player

Avsoft’s course player, the interface in which users view the courses, is a robust tool that includes multiple navigation and setting controls, as well as several supplemental features and functions, such as content search, lights and switch guide, glossary of terms, and system diagrams.

Comprehensive Content

Avsoft’s courses provide much more visual information than any aircraft manual, walking the user through system diagrams, integrating photo-realistic cockpit panels with aircraft components and diagrams, and showing what normal and abnormal operations look like. Created by pilots for pilots, Avsoft’s courseware is designed to provide both initial and recurrent training. The material and information included in the courses is selected to comply with regulatory bodies, including EASA, FAA, IATA, and Transport Canada.

Customizable Content

Avsoft can customize courses to be organization specific, including custom aircraft systems courses that match specific aircraft configurations, as well as company branding. Avsoft has created custom courseware for various Airlines and ATOs around the world.

Choose your System of Units

Users can select either Imperial or Metric as the system of units to be covered in a course.

End of Module Tests

Each module of each course concludes with a test. Airline and ATO customers have the ability to modify existing questions and answers, as well as add new ones. Airlines and ATOs can also create final exams, which cover an entire course rather than a single module.

Certificate of Completion

When all modular tests are completed in a satisfactory manner, a certificate of completion is generated and emailed to the user.

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