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Whether you have just been assigned to a new aircraft, are getting ready for a recurrent test, or just feel like you need an extra edge, we offer a wide range of effective and proven solutions, all available here 24/7/365.



Aircraft Model-Specific Pilot Training Materials

Avsoft was founded by an airline pilot who designed a program to help himself study for upcoming recurrent exams. Fellow pilots in class recognized the value of the program that he had created. Soon after, a website was created, and he began selling his program to other individual pilots around the world. Over time, Avsoft has added several product lines, including Aircraft Cockpit Posters, Quick Study Guides, and Aircraft Systems eLearning Courses. Every product Avsoft creates is designed with individual pilots in mind- we strive to produce training materials that meet your needs and that will prove effective when it comes time for ground school. Our products have helped thousands of users over the years and transformed Avsoft into the trusted provider for individual pilot training materials. .

Avsoft Courses Offer Individual Pilots:

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"I got this [CRJ-700 Quick Study Guide] and used it every day in ground school and even lent it to a few people who wished they had it."

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