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RD3: Final Exams the Easy Way

August 17, 2021

Part of the ritual of getting approved to operate a new aircraft is the dreaded final exam. In years past, you would be handed a type-written test consisting of multiple choice questions. Typically, the test would contain about one hundred questions spanning all the topics that were covered during the training.

Sometimes, you would circle your selected answer directly on the test, or you would mark your selected answer on an answer sheet. If you used the latter method, the instructor would grade your test by placing a template with holes over the answer sheets. The incorrect answers would be obvious – there would be no mark over the correct answer, and the instructor would use a colored pen to mark the incorrect answers. Then, the final score was graded and filed.

Depending on the number of people taking the test, the instructor might have taken the time to go over the questions that were answered incorrectly. Obviously, this whole process was pretty tedious and time consuming. In my opinion, it really didn’t do you justice because the retraining had a tendency to be a bit sparse.

RD3’s Final Exam Function Improves the Effectiveness of this Assessment

During the development of the RD3 platform, we addressed this particular problem by building in a Final Exam function.

This particular function allows you to build final exams that use the questions that were delivered at the end of each module of the course.

This is an example of a final exam that was created recently by one of our customers. There are a lot of available options that enable you to customize a final exam for your student group.

Customized Time Limits and Expiration Dates

You can specify a time limit to the test. If you want to allot one hour for the test, you would specify 60 minutes as the time limit. Tests are delivered through the Learning Management System, and the time period starts when the final exam is launched. If you’re not done within the allotted time, the final exam closes automatically.

You can also specify an expiration date so that the test won’t be counted if someone tries to take it after the expiration date.

Customized Test Delivery Parameters

The test delivery parameters are similar to the parameters used for the end of module tests. You can specify:

  • Randomization of the questions – If selected, questions are drawn in a random fashion for the entire exam, and the more questions you have in the database, the more random the test will be.
  • Randomize the sequence of the answers – If two students have the same question, student A might see the answers in one order, and the other student will have a different order. This is a great tool to prevent people from creating answer keys that are subsequently shared.
  • Force the selection of mandatory questions.
  • Review a part of the CBT that provides the answer to a specific question – In effect, think of instant retraining.
  • Select specific questions.

Greater Control Over the Number of Questions Drawn from Each Module

You can also specify the number of questions that should be drawn from each module. The problem is that if you need to deliver final exam with a specific number of questions, then this option won’t work for you because it depends on the number of modules in a course.

For example, if you have 20 modules, you can deliver a 100 question test by specifying 5 questions per module. But, if one or more modules has fewer than 5 questions, then you’ll fall short of the 100 question mark.

Fortunately, we’ve built an option that allows you to pick the number of questions for each module: It’s called the Variable Number of Questions per module option:

Using this function, you can specify the number of questions from each module, and this allows you to emphasize some modules over others based on the number of questions chosen for each one. You can also specifically exclude certain modules by specifying zero questions.

Implementing Your Final Exam Is Easy

Once the final exam is created, it simply needs to be published and then installed in the Learning Management System. This process is fast and straightforward, making it easy to implement this assessment with your pilots.

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