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Stobart Selects Avsoft ATR Pilot Training Solution

January 23, 2019

Stobart Air, based in Dublin, Ireland, has awarded Avsoft International a long-term contract for its ATR 72-600 pilot training.

The ATR 72-600 eLearning course is currently in training and uses selected modules and tailored exams from the initial course. The course content is rotated every year and covers the complete technical refresher training over a period of 3 years. This arrangement satisfies EASA/IAA regulatory requirements for annual pilot recurrent technical training.

Stobart Air will use their third-party Learning Management System to deliver Avsoft’s SCORM 1.2 conformant ATR 72-600 course; the course content is streamed from Avsoft’s servers using its latest HTML5 based Courseware Player.

Capt. Michael Burke, Head of Training at Stobart Air commented, “We are pleased to extend our working relationship with Avsoft and update our training course to use the ATR 72-600 aircraft. We continuously invest in pilot training to ensure a constant flow of talent to future proof our business and meet industry demand. Training and upskilling our staff is a particular focus for us, and we look forward to strengthening our partnership with Avsoft to deliver the best possible staff training“.

About Stobart Air

Stobart Air, the regional franchise flying partner to leading airlines, operates up to 860 flights weekly across 42 routes throughout 10 European countries from bases in the UK & Ireland. The airline operates a fleet of 19 aircraft with routes across Dublin, Cork, Shannon, Kerry, and Donegal Airport in Ireland and from London’s Southend Airport and the Isle of Man.

The airline operates the Dublin-Donegal and Dublin-Kerry Public Service Obligation (PSO) routes, on behalf of the Irish Government, under the Aer Lingus Regional brand. In September the number of passengers taking domestic flights within Ireland increased by 24%.

Headquartered in Dublin, Stobart Air employs over 570 people.

Avsoft’s eLearning Courses provide Airlines, ATOs, and individual pilots with comprehensive aircraft systems and general subject training, combined with flexible deployment and content customization options, all designed to simplify your life.

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