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Southwestern Illinois College Signs Contract with Avsoft

June 29, 2022

Avsoft has signed another university online training contract, this time with Southwestern Illinois College’s Aviation Pilot Training program, located in Belleville, IL. Avsoft is proud to deliver CRJ training courses, CRJ-700 and CRJ-900, to Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC) students via a SWIC branded LMS.

For more than a decade, Avsoft has provided universities with the Avsoft Right Course-Right Time Purchase System, which gives university students the ability to purchase any of our online CBT courses, as they might a textbook; we are excited to continue offering this solution to the students and faculty of Southwestern Illinois College.

SWIC is an FAA-approved flight school for ground and simulator training under the Federal Aviation Regulation Part 141 and offers one-year and two-year professional pilot license programs.

Avsoft’s avLMS is being used to deliver the CRJ training and provide comprehensive reporting facilities to administer all aspects of the course and exam results to satisfy all educational requirements.





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Avsoft International is a premier provider of cutting-edge aviation training solutions, catering to the global aviation industry. Specializing in aircraft system courses and an expansive library of general subjects courses, Avsoft ensures a comprehensive and dynamic learning experience for aviation professionals. The company distinguishes itself by offering customizable courses, cockpit posters, and quick study guides, allowing clients to tailor their training programs. Committed to customer excellence, Avsoft prioritizes the delivery of top-notch training solutions. At the core of their offerings is avLMS, an airline-grade Learning Management System, designed to meet the unique needs of aviation training. Avsoft International continues to be a trusted partner in elevating aviation education worldwide.
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