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Value of Online Recurrent Pilot Training

August 19, 2020

We know that a lot of airlines and airline training organizations have to make some difficult decisions during this time. Many of those decisions come down to budgets, including budgets for recurrent pilot training. Such recurrent training includes aircraft systems as well as general subjects such as Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT), Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR), Low Visibility Operations (LVO), and Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT).

All pilots must attend recurrent training to maintain skills and qualifications. Depending on the airline, type of aircraft, and regulating authority, training intervals can range between six and twelve months, with each training session lasting several days. However, with online pilot training, that time can be reduced.

Why Use Online Recurrent Training

Traditionally, pilots have to attend a Flight Training Center training where the Flight Simulator is located for the ground school part of their recurrent training prior to the Flight Simulator sessions. These courses are typically taken in briefing rooms, or classrooms where instructors present specific aircraft systems as well as general subjects and debate training scenarios as part of the recurrent training.

As a result, airlines and training organizations have to arrange overnight stays in hotels, cover meals, rental cars, and more. Keeping pilots trained every six or twelve months over three days is an added expense. With online recurrent courses, pilots can fulfill much of their ground school training requirements without having to travel to a physical Training Centre location. This can be done at home, in the office, or a hotel down the line wherever there is internet access prior to the Recurrent training at the airline’s chosen Flight Training Centre.

Why Choose An Online Content Provider

When looking at traditional models, most training departments have a couple of choices when it comes to online training content. They can either hire a content provider or create content in-house. When you hire a content provider that provides online training, there are cost savings. Typically, these same providers would otherwise be working as an internal department at a training facility, we have a great deal of expertise in delivering and creating training content. But, as providers, we can also quickly adapt specific airline and ATO training needs into the content, resulting in faster development and training implementation.  And, when you weigh the cost of salaries and benefits to hire content providers in-house versus licenses for online courses, the savings are significant.

Online pilot training or Computer-Based Training (CBT) allows training to be delivered to pilots via any digital device: computer desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. They can train anytime, anywhere. With Avsoft, our training content can be customized to any airline or training organization and run on any compatible Learning Management System (LMS). As a result, you have full control over the content, as well as the ability to track and monitor pilot progress and results in your system.

Like any training, the content includes graphics, videos, interactive features, narration audio, text, and questions. All content is broken into specific modules and scenes that require pilots to interact with the content and complete it. While our aircraft system modules are typically longer, with up to 20 modules, our general subject recurrent pilot training contains one to five.

Online Recurrent Pilot Training Demo

If you have questions about online CBT pilot training, please contact us. Or, better yet, request a demo of any of our online courses. Our demos allow you a 30-day free evaluation of the entire course and modules as you consider the possibility of adding eLearning to your organization’s training program.

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