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Air Greenland selects Avsoft pilot training solution

May 15, 2020

Air Greenland, the national airline offering internal feeder services, a domestic network, and transatlantic scheduled passenger services, based in Nuuk, Greenland, has awarded Avsoft International a long-term contract for online pilot training.

Air Greenland is using Avsoft’s Airbus A330-200 and Dash 8-300 with -200 differences aircraft systems online courses for initial type rating and annual recurrent pilot training. EASA approval has been received for the training overall program.

Delivery of the training offline using an iPad is a key aspect of the training availability due to the varying internet coverage in country.

As part of the solution, Avsoft is integrating Competency Management software into its proprietary Learning Management System (AvLMS) to provide competency tracking data in cooperation with Air Greenland’s CMS partner.

Air Greenland commented:

“We are pleased to have selected Avsoft for pilot training for our fixed-wing fleet. Avsoft has delivered a custom A330-200 course as well as Dash 8-300 with -200 differences and offers tailored pilot training to meet a variety of different training experience and qualification backgrounds.”

Avsoft’s AvLMS is being used to deliver all courses and provide comprehensive reporting facilities to administer all aspects of course and exam structure.

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