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Avsoft Announces Fatigue Management Course

May 22, 2020

Fatigue is a challenge to workers in all industries, especially air transport crew members with the myriad of fatigue exacerbating factors involved with their work, including long haul flights, night flights, international trips across multiple time zones, jet lag, and constantly changing sleep environments. Various aviation accidents and incidents have been attributed to fatigue and as such, fatigue management training is required by aviation regulatory bodies around the world. It is because of this important safety training need that Avsoft has developed a Fatigue Management online aviation course for professional pilots and cabin crew.

Topics covered in this online aviation course include Fatigue Management Overview, Regulatory Requirements, Flight Management Approaches, Sleep Science, Causes of Fatigue, Effects of Fatigue, Fatigue Countermeasures, including prevention and mitigation, Crew Member Responsibilities, and Fatigue Reporting. Avsoft developed the course to meet the training requirements established by EASA, FAA, and ICAO. This course includes three modules, each module concludes with a test, and when the course is successfully completed, a certificate is generated.

Avsoft’s Fatigue Management course can be delivered via Avsoft’s proprietary LMS (AvLMS) or any third-party LMS so it is easy for airlines and training organizations with an existing LMS solution in place to add this course to their existing training.

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