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Avsoft announces Thunderstorm Avoidance course

April 24, 2020

It is that time of year again in the northern hemisphere when high temperatures and hot land masses cause the skies to darken and rumble as towering cumulonimbus clouds grow and unleash their violent combination of wind shear, turbulence, heavy precipitation, and lightning. Pilots must prepare and train accordingly for operating in areas of thunderstorms; it is because of this danger to all types of flying that Avsoft has created a Thunderstorm Avoidance online pilot training course.

Avsoft developed the course to meet the training requirements established by EASA, FAA, and IATA regarding this important general aviation subject. Topics covered in this online aviation course include thunderstorm formation, anatomy of a thunderstorm, life cycle of a thunderstorm, types of thunderstorms, associated weather phenomena including gust fronts, roll clouds, gustnados, wall clouds, and tornadoes, associated hazards including microbursts, wind shear, turbulence, precipitation, icing, and lightning strikes, thunderstorm avoidance techniques including using airborne weather radar, and thunderstorm penetration techniques. This course includes four modules, each module concludes with a test, and when the course is successfully completed, a certificate is generated.

Avsoft’s Thunderstorm Avoidance course can be delivered via Avsoft’s proprietary LMS (AvLMS) or any third-party LMS so it is easy for airlines and training organizations with an existing LMS solution in place to add this course to their existing training.

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