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Hevilift chooses Avsoft Pilot Training

April 3, 2020

Hevilift, an air charter operator based in Papua New Guinea (PNG), providing transportation services for personnel and equipment in the region, has awarded Avsoft International a long-term contract for online pilot training.

Hevilift is using Avsoft’s ATR 72-500 online aircraft systems course to provide initial type rating training as well as recurrent training for its flight crews. CASA approval has been received for the pilot training programme.

Chief Pilot Kane DuBois commented:

“We are pleased to have Avsoft as our online pilot training provider for the ATR 72-500; the aircraft systems course is thorough and the technical knowledge provides solid training that is important for our pilots to obtain their type rating. Due to the limited internet coverage in our region Avsoft’s ability to deliver training offline on a tablet is a key feature.”

Hevilift is using Avsoft’s proprietary Learning Management System (AvLMS) platform to deliver the course and provide comprehensive reporting facilities to administer all aspects of pilot training and course structure.

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