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New Avsoft Boeing 737 MAX Training Course in Development

January 11, 2023

After two years out of circulation, the Boeing 737 MAX has once again been cleared for use after Boeing made important upgrades to the aircraft’s flight control system. Aviation safety agencies in the US, Brazil, Canada, Australia, the UK and the European Union have all signed off on these repairs, allowing the 737 MAX to return to the skies and the need for 737 MAX training to return.

The Boeing 737 MAX is a line of commercial aircraft containing four distinct models. The design of this series of aircraft was based on the Boeing 737, which ranks as the best selling aircraft in history. The 737 MAX provides several benefits compared with previous generations of 737 aircraft:

  • Ability to fly farther
  • Carries more people
  • Improved aerodynamics
  • Redesigned cabin interior for a better customer experience
  • Larger, more powerful and more efficient CFM LEAP engines

Changes to 737 MAX Pilot Training Are Required

As part of the reintroduction of the 737 MAX to airline fleets, pilots will be required to undergo more extensive training before they’re approved to fly the aircraft. As part of these changes, simulator time focusing on the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) will now be required. Before airlines can begin using the 737 MAX again, they will have to demonstrate that the aircraft in their fleet have undergone the necessary upgrades and that their pilots have been retrained in adherence with these new requirements.

Several airlines have begun flying these aircraft again, and others have been placing orders for new 737 MAX planes. As a result, these airlines face an immediate need for upgraded training courses to ensure they comply with the new FAA training requirements for the 737 MAX.


New Avsoft 737 MAX 8 Course Available in Early 2023

Avsoft is currently working on a new 737 MAX 8 aircraft systems course which should be available by the end of January 2023. This online aviation training course:

  • Will have 24 modules covering everything from Aircraft General to Warning Systems
  • Features all new vector illustrations of flight deck panels, aircraft views, and diagrams
  • Is 100% specific to 737 MAX 8 aircraft
  • Provides detailed coverage of all 737 MAX 8 systems, including the MCAS

Like all Avsoft aircraft systems courses, the new 737 MAX 8 course will include the following features:

  • Available in metric or imperial
  • Customizable content – we can create custom versions for airlines
  • Available on any LMS – run it on our proprietary AvLMS or use any third-party LMS you like
  • Online/offline capabilities – our Portable Classroom App allows pilots to view all training modules even when there’s no Internet connection, and all offline progress will be uploaded to the LMS once Internet access returns

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