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commercial airline pilots

Commercial pilots must complete a lengthy process in order to operate an aircraft:

In addition, pilots are required to complete recurrent training after receiving their initial type rating certification. In the United States, this recurrent training must be completed once a year. In Europe, it must be completed every six months. The initial and recurrent pilot training must cover aircraft systems as well as general subjects training.

Online pilot training, commonly referred to as eLearning or computer-based training (CBT), provides a versatile and effective way for pilots to maintain the certifications required to operate their aircraft. CBT programs deliver the course content through a digital device such as a computer, smartphone or tablet, allowing pilots and training managers to access the training materials from any location. This eliminates many of the costs and hassles associated with the ground school model, including:

While online pilot training offers many important benefits, it is often limited by the ability to maintain strong Internet connectivity. When connectivity issues occur, it can become challenging to access training materials and complete important coursework in a timely manner. Avsoft’s Portable Classroom system provides an important workaround to this issue, ensuring your pilots and training managers can access eLearning course content even when Internet connectivity is poor.

How Does the Portable Classroom Work?

The Portable Classroom is essentially an app that allows the eLearning course materials to be accessed both online and offline. When you download the Portable Classroom app, you’ll be able to view all pilot training modules even when there is no Internet connection:

Avsoft Portable Classroom Online Pilot Training being used on a tablet

Benefits of Avsoft’s Portable Classroom

The greatest benefit your pilots will experience from our Portable Classroom app is greater flexibility with completing their required trainings. With our offline mode, pilots can confidently work through their course materials anytime and anywhere, regardless of their ability to connect to the Internet. In addition, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your pilots will be able to easily remain current on their certifications, regardless of their flight schedules.

The Portable Classroom also offers the following benefits:

  • Optimized for tablet displays
  • Works with both iPad and Android tablets
  • Two-way LMS User Progress Data Synchronization
  • Can be used in areas where there is no Internet connection
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Accessing the Portable Classroom App

You can download the Portable Classroom app from the Apple store or the Google Play store. In order to download and activate the app, you must have a strong Internet connection. Once it has been installed on your device, you can begin using it in offline mode. Setting up the Portable Classroom app is very easy. You’ll need access to Avsoft’s LMS. This will facilitate seamless synchronization of all offline progress and reporting.


See How Avsoft’s Online Pilot Training Can Help You

Avsoft gives you the ability to demo our online pilot training courses free of charge for 30 days. As part of this free evaluation, you can have access to a variety of our aircraft type and general subject training courses. Request a demo today to unlock the benefits of our online pilot training software.

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