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Online Aviation Training LMS

September 3, 2020

When it comes to online pilot training course delivery options for airlines, a lot depends on the learning management system (LMS).  After all, there are three components to CBT pilot training: content, content player, and the aviation training LMS platform on which the courses are accessed.

Briefly, content includes graphics, video, narration, text, special features like animated bullet points, hot spots, and integrated exams at the end of each module. But to view that content, a player interface is required. This course player requires self-evident navigation and controls, as well as a responsive layout that adjusts to different screen sizes. Avsoft is able to stream its course player to any compatible LMS.

The LMS, however, allows your pilots to access the online courses. Pilots cannot access the courses until they have logged into the LMS to see which courses the pilot is due to train on, as this depends on each pilots training recency as programmed into the LMS by the airline’s Training Administration Manager. The LMS acts as a central platform where all the airlines training courses and records are stored. The LMS is also the key tracking tool for each user and performs multiple functions. The major functions are administration access for the Training Department of the airline, programming of the required training for each pilot user, checking on student activity and progress, documentation, reporting, as well as the actual delivery of the courses to the pilots through an individual LMS login.

Most learning management systems can be customized to the needs of the airline or training organization. With most systems, pilots are only able to log in and see the courses assigned to them. In contrast, administrators and trainers login can see all student activity, reporting, completion information, exam grades, Completion Certificates as well as have the ability to assign additional courses and training.

Not All Learning Management Systems are the same

As you can see, the LMS is the hub of your training operation. And, not all LMS systems are the same. Often airlines and ATOs have their own customized third party in-house systems that are chosen to meet their specific airline’s needs. This wide variance in systems often create conflicts with aviation course content and players.

Online Aviation Courses for Any LMS

At Avsoft, our courses will run on any third-party SCORM compliant LMS. As a result, training organizations do not have to worry about LMS compatibility to get courses up and running in their system. This allows for:

  • Rapid course deployment
  • Use of your established reporting and tracking protocols
  • Seamless integration with other LMS curriculum and reporting

For organizations that do not have an existing system, Avsoft has a proprietary LMS called AvLMS.  This learning management system is designed specifically for airline and ATO training departments, with built-in learning, reporting, and administrative features.

If you are looking for CBT aviation training solutions that can be deployed on your LMS, please feel free to request a demo. We offer a free 30-day evaluation period for our initial eLearning courses designed for Type Rating on our AvLMS and will conduct testing of our courses running on your third party LMS upon request.

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